7 Tasks Every Professional Should Have On Their Year-End To-Do List

Last Updated:

September 6, 2023

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Not end-of-year yet? Don't worry; most of these tips are applicable whenever!

1. Update your resume with your 2022 accomplishments so you don't forget.

2. Write a thank you email to 5 people who've supported you in 2022.

3. Write down 5 people you want to build stronger relationships with in 2023—and write them a note congratulating them on something, expressing gratitude, or letting them know that you've been thinking of them.

4. Go onto Google Alerts and set an alert for the top 5 topics / companies / people you want to keep tabs on in 2023.

5. Write down your top 3 resolutions for 2023. Then, come up with 3 "if" + "then" statements to help you act on your resolutions. (e.g., "If I wake up in the morning..." + "...then I will get ready before checking my phone.")

6. Recall the resolutions you kept—and celebrate! (And commit to carrying those good habits forward to 2023.)

7. Recall the resolutions you didn't keep—and ask yourself "why?" (Life happens! The important thing is to diagnose the situation. If your goals changed, that's fine! But if your goals haven't changed, add addressing the root cause to your 2023 resolution list.)

What do you have on your year-end to-do list? Let me know!

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