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From fireside chats to workshops, Gorick draws from his ethnographic research involving over 500 professionals across geographies, industries, and job types to speak to college students, early career professionals, and managers nationwide on how to position themselves for career success.  Gorick's engaging and informative talks create an intimate space for those who want to learn the ins and outs of the workplace.

Through these speaking sessions, Gorick makes accessible the career enabling content based on his Wall Street Journal bestselling book, The Unspoken Rules.

“100+ people stayed online to chat with him 40 minutes after the scheduled session ended. One Senior Director-level participant said in the Q&A that she wish she had heard these professional development strategies 20 years ago.” — Victor Zhao (Virtual Care Product Manager, Cigna)

“He managed to engage 230 attendees across Google as part of our Asian Googler's Network (AGN). Attendees stayed 20 minutes afterwards (and would have stayed longer) to ask their questions.” — Lynn Xie (YouTube Product Partnerships, Google)

“One student said: 'I learned more from Gorick than from the entire Career Advancement Office at my school.' In addition to graciously staying on for an extra 30 minutes to answer questions, he made the presentation especially personal and it resonated with our students and alums, many of whom are first-generation college students/grads.” — Grace Sun (Director, Alumni Programs, QuestBridge)

Speaking Programs

Companies, non-profits, and educational institutions around the world have invited Wall Street Journal bestselling author Gorick Ng to engage their people leaders, faculty, and professionals of all levels on how to take ownership, build a more inclusive workplace, and help those from underrepresented backgrounds reach their full potential.

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Speaking Clients Include:

Speaking Clients Include:

“Gorick’s workshop to our summer intern class on The Unspoken Rules was excellent! He has a way of connecting with the audience and creating a safe space for questions and discussion. The knowledge and experience he shared was so valuable to our interns for their summer internship and well into their careers. The book resonates with those beyond their early careers as well, as a great reminder of development areas for lifelong growth and learning. I look forward to working with Gorick again!” 

— Julie Cusker (HR professional, Invesco)

"Gorick spoke at our organization's virtual Leadership Summit where he shared his experience, and job readiness knowledge with 500 college students from around the country.  His delivery, mastery of his message, and humanity resonated extremely well with our membership.  So well, he was rated the best speaker by our members in our Leadership Summit satisfaction survey.  We look forward to working with Gorick again."

— Benjamin Hopper, (Partnerships & Sales, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars)

“Gorick’s workshop on management skills was a hit with our MIT students and postdocs, and it was a pleasure to work with him to develop the event. He is knowledgeable, personable, and a thoughtful educator. He delivered a lively workshop that was full of concrete tips and tools, and closely tailored to our students’ needs. I am grateful that Gorick is filling this critical skill gap for young professionals, and warmly recommend his work.”

— Dr. Diana Chien (Director, MIT School of Engineering)