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The Unspoken Rules: The Course

The career strategies that take decades to learn.
Taught by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Gorick Ng.

Unlock the secrets to building a successful career.


Learn how to build trust, lead meetings, navigate a hybrid environment, get promoted, and more.


Decode what separates those who accelerate their careers from the rest.


Enhance your skills, develop new strategies, and get further, faster!

Jam-packed with checklists, talking points, and decision trees to help you apply your learning right away!


What happens when you don’t have a parent or mentor whispering in your ear about how to navigate your career?

This was the reality for first-generation college graduate turned bestselling author Gorick Ng. His new course is a step-by-step playbook for navigating what no one ever tells you, but everyone expects you to know. Built for professionals at any stage of the career journey.

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Based on research involving over 500 professionals across geographies, industries, and job types.

The Unspoken Rules: The Course is the perfect complement to Gorick's Wall Street Journal bestselling book or as a standalone course.

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Go from day zero to confident professional in 30 modules


1. Welcome

Level I: Preparing for Your First Day

2. How to Build a Great Professional Reputation
3. How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome
4. How to Tell Your Personal Story
5. How to Write Good Emails
6. How to Prepare for Your First Day

Level II: Building Strong Professional Relationships

7. How to Meet Your Manager for the First Time (Remotely)
8. How to Meet Your Manager for the First Time (In Person)
9. How to Introduce Yourself to Your Coworkers (Remotely)
10. How to Introduce Yourself to Your Coworkers (In Person)
11. How to Build Professional Relationships and Find Mentors
12. How to Navigate an Organizational Hierarchy
13. How to Navigate a Hybrid Workplace
14. How to Navigate Feedback and One-on-Ones
15. How to Recover from Mistakes

Level III: Becoming Effective, Efficient, and Exemplary

16. How to Stay Organized
17. How to Manage Projects
18. How to Manage Expectations
19. How to Manage Your Time
20. How to Ask Good Questions
21. How to Ask for Help
22. How to Take Ownership & How to Be Proactive
23. How to Say "No"
24. How to Say "I Don't Know"

Level IV: Driving Positive Change

25. How to Prepare for Meetings
26. How to Speak Up in Meetings
27. How to Communicate Your Ideas Effectively
28. How to Lead Meetings
29. How to Get Promoted

Next Steps

30. Next Steps


“Incredibly smart, nuanced, and evidence-based career advice. If you’re just getting started in your professional journey, you must absolutely read this book.”

Cal Newport
Author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism

The Unspoken Rules will equip professionals and students alike with skills that are often overlooked in traditional education. Readers will find this to be a very helpful book in the years ahead.”

Ratan Tata
Former Chairman, Tata Group

“With practical tips and colorful vignettes of people from all walks of life, The Unspoken Rules is a blueprint for anyone starting their career, entering a new role, or wanting to get unstuck.”

Arianna Huffington
Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

The Unspoken Rules in an invaluable resource for new recruits — regardless of background — as they seek to excel. Gorick has written the book I wish someone had given me when I started my career.”

Edith Cooper
Co-founder, Medley; board director, Slack and Etsy; and former Global Head of Human Capital Management, Goldman Sachs

“Gorick has written an outstanding guide on what school doesn’t teach about how to be a top performer at work. Backed by detailed research and filled with relatable stories and practical tactics, The Unspoken Rules will benefit so many people as they begin their careers.”

Rich Lesser
CEO, Boston Consulting Group

"We like to think that if our intent is good and we work hard, success will come knocking on our door. If only! In this practical and insightful book, Gorick Ng helps us plot a clear, intentional path toward success."

Julie Zhuo
Former Vice President of Product Design, Facebook; author, The Making of a Manager

"Gorick has written a highly readable and essential guide for every early career professional eager to succeed."

David Carey
Former Global President and Chairman, Hearst Magazines

"We all have a role to play in shaping an economy that works for the many, not the few. With this important book, Gorick Ng is advancing this work, arming disadvantaged people with critical but unseen skills needed to navigate the modern workplace."

Ginni Rometty
Executive Chairman, IBM

Take the trial and error out of career building.


Stand out with realistic career strategies, whether you are starting a new role, feeling stuck, or seeking a new challenge.


Build your reputational capital and enhance your workplace relationships.


Strengthen your meeting skills, whether you are receiving feedback from your manager or leading a presentation.


Make a strong case for why you should get promoted.


Develop your internal and external narratives and learn how to tell your authentic professional story.

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  • Research-backed and field-tested strategies
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