Gifting Email Template

& Structured Debrief Guide

Are you gifting Gorick's career masterclass?
Check out this email template and video tutorial!

Gifting Gorick's masterclass? Watch this.

If you purchased Gorick's online masterclass for a mentee or trainee, you will have received an email with next steps. Watch this tutorial on how to have an effective structured debrief with your mentee. Use the email template below to inform your gift recipient about accessing the course using their unique code.

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Subject: [YOUR NAME] has gifted you [MASTERCLASS NAME]!
Hi [your gift recipient’s name],
I’m excited to share an all-access pass to [COURSE NAME], a virtual masterclass taught by Gorick Ng, Harvard career adviser and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right.
I’ve checked it out myself and know that it’s packed with practical strategies to help you accelerate your career. This isn’t for everyone, but, given how much potential you have, I know you’ll benefit a ton.
Please take these next steps:
1. Click on this link: [INSERT LINK FROM LIST BELOW]
2. Click the “Have a Coupon?” on the left-hand side,
3. Copy and paste the redemption code: [INSERT UNIQUE CODE FROM YOUR EMAIL]
4. Fill in the other fields,
5. Click “Submit”,
6. Check your email inbox to access the toolkit (and check your spam folder if you don’t see it)
…Then, after you’ve finished the program…
7. Let me know you’re done via [email / Teams / Slack, etc.] and set up a time with me to debrief what you learned and,
8. After we decide on a meeting day and time, send me a [30-minute] meeting invite for a [teams / Zoom / WebEx / phone / in-person] meeting.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. If you need help with the sign-up process, email course@gorick.com.
[Your name]