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Where do I find a passcode?

Open your flashcard deck and look at the last word that is written on the flap. If the message says "eat your vegetables," for example, the passcode is "vegetables" (not case sensitive). If you ordered The Ultimate Bundle box set, your secret passcode for accessing all 260 tutorials is on the side of the bottom box.

Why should I care about the bonus videos?

You'll get to explore real-life examples of the cards in use, learn how to select, tweak, and apply all 52 scripts, and upgrade your understanding of the deck as if you're on a private coaching call with Gorick.

I completed the above access form but didn’t get an email! What do I do now?

Please wait 15 minutes and then check your spam folder. If you still haven't received an email, please contact us.

Which flashcard decks come with online video tutorials?

Every flashcard deck comes with online video tutorials that dive into the mechanics of each card.

How much do the online video tutorials cost?

They are free if you already have a flashcard deck!

How do I order decks for my team or group of mentees?

Please contact us using this form.

Can you custom-build flashcard decks and/or video tutorials for my company?

Yes! Please contact us using this form.

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