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Subject: L&D stipend request: The Early Career Success Masterclass
Hi [your manager’s name],
I would love to have more of an ownership mindset at work—and was wondering if you’d be open to supporting my enrollment in an online course taught by Gorick Ng, Harvard career adviser and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Unspoken Rules?
The course is 3.5 hours and teaches me how to be resourceful, manage up, ask for help, communicate professionally, and more. (You can find a full list of the 30 modules here: https://www.gorick.com/course.)
After each on-demand video module, I will also get to download a supplemental checklist or template (e.g., to help me prepare for meetings, manage expectations, and prioritize more effectively).
The course has a one-time individual fee of $297 USD which I hope will be well worth it as I’m eager to put these topics into practice to help us work more effectively day-to-day.
Would it be possible to get this masterclass reimbursed?
If you think this course might be useful to others, I can also look into the possibility of getting a team-wide license—let me know if this would be helpful.
Thank you kindly for your consideration!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,
[Your name]